Nephanie's Life
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2002-02-01 22:33:06 (UTC)


Okay today I realized something. Matt is not right for
me. He just makes me feel nice, but I don't know. I hate
the whole fucken thing! I try and find the best of people,
and when I do I completly forget about the bad which is
still there. And eventually it catches up with me at one
point or another. I am such a sucker. But the fault is
only mine. I am the one who blinding myself of things that
I do not wish to see. I don't know I am just stupid!
Whatever! I need to get a freaken life. Anyways I painted
my nails during are snow day (woo hoo). I think the snow
is so pretty. I love it at night(lol). I am just trying
to make my mind off the whole fact that I am depressed.
Well thats about it, I'm out.