In the Eyes of a Dreamer
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2002-02-01 21:47:02 (UTC)

More Stuff Cuz I'm Bored.....

Well I guess other people might read this, so I'll write
more about myself....

My name is Jessica, I'm an 18 year old Leo, and a Senior in
Hell...I mean High school. I like singing, and drawing
anime (check out my site at!), and
just hanging out with my friends. I like all kinds of
music, mostly punk, emo, and alternative though. But i'll
listen to anything (except most rap and country). My
favorite color is black and pink (like you
and...I don't know what else. I like to play literati and
graffiti in Yahoo, my name there is supersonicdreamer02 so
if ya see me play a game with me, i'm usually in a good
mood ^_- where did i get my name? well supersonic dreamer
is the name of a pretty cool Flickerstick song. "well
everydays a new day, i keep hearin you say everyone's alone
but you, she'll break your heart" My favorite bands are
Blink 182, Flickerstick, Our Lady Peace, Juliana Theory,
Jimmy Eat World...and lotsa others. and now i'm just sittin
here starin at the screen cuz i can't think of anything to
write, so i guess ill wrap this up.


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