2002-02-01 21:25:36 (UTC)

27 MORE DAYS.....

The time is certainly making it's way! Good! Well, I've
been busy and couldn't really hit this thang up the way I
wanted to. Okay, today is Friday....thank goodness for
that! Tomorrow, instead of going to our game in Sparta, I'm
going to go see Charvis play. I'm gonna leave at about 12
something, so we can spend some time together. I think I'm
gonna have a pretty good time with him. Being with Charvis
is always a trip! But anyway, I have to work tonite. That
sucks. I know we are going to be busy because yesterday was
state payday. I have to work Sunday nite too. I doubt we
are realy busy because of the Superbowl and stuff. I'm
trying to think of the last time I hit this thang up. I
know I'm forgetting to put
.................OH YEAH! I talked to Kellen Tuesday. :)
Okay, the feeling is mutual everyone!!!! I asked him if he
liked me and he said that it should have been obvious
because he gave me clues. Ummm...how was I suppose to know
for sure? I mean, I felt like maybe he did because if he
didn't, then he was doing things for nothing. And the
situation w/ Dee and Derek.....I get so much more from
Kellen than she does Derek. That's not to say he doesn't
like her....we don't know that. But I just needed to hear
him say it for me to be sure. Yep, I now know! Ain't shit I
can do about it though. I have a clear clipboard that I
carry around school and on the back I have "I LIKE KELLEN"
Man, so many people have been asking me about it. I kinda
like the thought of people thinking that I have a
boyfriend...and that I'm not worried about anyone here.
Honestly speaking, I do like Kellen. He does have my mind
gone. If given the chance to pick someone to be in a
serious relationship, I would without a doubt pick him.
He's the only person I would be serious with right now.
Everyone else....just an activity because I got bored. I
know that sounds cruel, but that's how it is. Well, I need
to start getting ready for work......I'll HOlla