The Life & Times of Alison
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2002-02-01 20:58:07 (UTC)

Connect the dots... la la la la

So today at 8:30am I am sitting in a room with the same 15
people that I would be sitting in a room with come 2pm. Yes
today was my Non-violent Crisis Intervention class... whee!
But I am now certified and I do not have to get recertified
until next year! ::happy dance::

My thumb injury is NOT, I repeat NOT infected!

Homeless update: Yes I am still homeless... although 608A
is sounding like a good idea! Lets just hope it dosent
sound good to anyone else!!

Do you ever get that primal urge to lock people in a
windowless room, then pipe in some good food smells and not
let them eat? Or leave the room... and the laugh at them
when they wet their pants? Yea, I get that urge all the
time. :)

Amber wants to make a Phi Sig Chapter at her school!
Hooray! Its good times!

Well I dont have much more to say other than:

1- Im still looking for the ever elusive Perfect Man... or
else a "cute little punk boy" as my 2 and I say... cos
theyre always nice :)

2- Im still room-less at home.

3- La la la.