2002-02-01 20:22:58 (UTC)

Feb 1, 2002

Wow already one month went by!
I have been dealing with a demon lately, I have to make
people understand that sometimes others have to be right!
Not all the knowledge God gave man is only for man. I wish
so much that some people would just let others speak and
have their say. I have to deal with my co-workers my boss,
my peers and my friends contuinously try to show me up. Fuck
I went to university for a reason. So what if I don't know
how Jamaica says God, or why a truck has 16 gears. If it
doesn't change my life or hurt me in anyway why should I
worry about that?

It is a battle with this generation who of course mostly
males who think they know it all. Why? What are they trying
to prove to me? that they have more brains cells working
they I do? Are they going on a game show called the weakest
link? I would like to have debets only with people who have
an understanding to the topic and can learn and teach at the
same time. I need more then that don't you agreed?

What I have to say is good and makes sense not all of us are
Christine or and make believer like some people we know. I
just wish for more understanding none of us are in the race
for the smartest because if you are not careful the
"smartest" sometimes fall into a big pile of shit at 06:00

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