The Other Diary
2002-02-01 18:35:59 (UTC)

Weight Tonight.


No really I'm trying to lose weight. This cake, its just
too... uuh.. give me a sugar rush.. you know... keep
myself going ya know.. get me through the day. Oh
these chips? Um carbs you know - potatoes and such...
gotta get some energy. yeah. Carbs. You want me to
have that 2 liter soda? Well i mean if you insist - yeah
right, fluids, gotta have em . Sure. Bluh.

Tonight is the night. The piercing night. When I join the
realm of greasy sweaty tattooed to the eyeballs
generation of piereced goons by having a barbell forced
through my skin. I'm just so excited. Enthralled if you
will. Just can't contain myself - or something -