Loo's Daily Affirmations
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2002-02-01 18:07:08 (UTC)


I am having one of those days. Seems like I have had a lot
of them lately. Everyone and everything annoys me.
I am going to list the things that are currently annoying

co-workers who know EVERYTHING.
people who know everything period
friends who mistakenly believe themselves to be righteously
and continue telling me about it because they also
mistakenly believe I agree with them
not smoking
diet pills
the need for diet pills
missing my nieces
living so damn far away from my nieces
my belt which barely fits
the fact that I got my mom to take up the waist of my jeans
to fit right & now I am wearing a belt that is too tight &
pulls the waist in. It's like a waste.
more and more messages from the righteously indignant friend
not being hungry but thinking I should eat because its
wasting work time writing journal entries. but I do it
being at work when I want to be anywhere but
my parents dating
my parents being divorced but dating one another
my parents dating one another so much that they now don't
have time for me (yes, I know that is selfish. so what.
this is my journal entry and my thoughts.)
my roommate
my roommate behaving as though I am a criminal when the
water gets cut off for a returned check
my roommate being nowhere around when I find out the
returned check was hers not mine
the fact that its 2 weeks til valentines & have no
prospects much less any actual boyfriend
nerved out from past couple of days
so nerved out am sick to my stomach

aand now, finally, I am annoyed by still having this entry
up. and that one i can fix

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