The Fallen and Damned
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2002-02-01 17:09:21 (UTC)

the darker side of sex- in the cemetary

the best place to have sex is in a cemetary - on a cold
fall day - the trees bare- dusk- and me and him the onbly
two there still breathing

the quiet that comes in a field of death- i think about it
alot - those cold hard monuments, grey sad angels , those
mausoleums- all blank faces- all stories - all death -

the fear of breaking the sanctity, the fear of being
surrounded by the forever silent- knowing the the ground
which you lay upon is just a thin skin over hundreds of
decaying bodies, once living people with emotions, no
stiff - broken, terrible grins as the flesh slides away
from the mouth forever - and those faces, you see them in
your desperateness, but you keep going, fast and
frightened - alone together

well someday i will be in there any way - and i think it
would be fun if someone had sex over my coffin- it would be
amusing, for the few reckless moments it lasts