wRiTiNgS oF a GiRL
2002-02-01 16:27:31 (UTC)

It's Rainin' Men

Nothing like P.A Days, especially right after Exams. I'm
glad that 1st Semester is over, I was sick of Biology.
*blah* But, yeah, the good news is that I got the highest
mark on my OAC World Issues exam (89%), and finished the
class with 89%. Which is definately good for a few reasons,
especially proving that I'm just as smart as other
people ;p And, it's an OAC class, good for University
Entrance Averages, Honour Roll, etc. Anyways, I'm quite
proud of myself, and I'm anxious to find out how I did on
my other subjects, the honour roll is sooo close I can
taste it ;p (yes, I'm a school geek) Anyways, it snowed
here...lots and lots of snow, so now I can go sledding with
Adam again :) I love sledding, it's pretty fun :) Um...I
get to work tonight, which I'm looking forward too.
*shhh...don't repeat that* I'm going to have the most
seniority there, so hopefully I'll get some cool jobs, like
baking or vending or something. That would be fun. New
Semester starts Monday. I have OAC French, OAC English, &
Co-op. And, can't forget spare is going to be
fun this semester...Different people and stuff. It's gonna
rock the cashbah :) Anyways, gotta go, TTYL.