Queer Focus
2002-02-01 15:09:25 (UTC)

War Of The Roses

It sure has been a long time since I have written in here.
It's not to say that my life has been all peachy keen,
without it's problems, but I have managed. I have actually
been through a lot of good things in the last couple of
months. First and foremost, I proposed to Jordan in front
of his entire family. Some smiled, some cried, but I was
more happy that he said yes. HE SAID YES!!! Ilove him
like I have never loved anyone in my entire life and I knew
that I had to do something to show him such. I trully felt
this was what I wanted from day one and I have finally
acheived my happiness. Now, the only thing that I am trying
to do, is decide what I want to do as far as living
arrangements. I live about two and a half hours from
Jordan and have for the last three and a half months.
Jordan has said that if I decide to stay and resign the
lease, then he will move here. But my problem is, do I
want to stay here, especially since Lex and Chance has been
fighting something horrible lately. They have gotten all
bent up over the most insignificant things. All the time,
yell, yell, yell, fight, fight, fight. I cannot deal with
too much more and they know this. So last night, I made
them both sit down with me and we discussed EVERYTHING that
has been a problem. I gave them ways to work things out
better so they do not end up in a huge fight. They both
SEEMED to be listening,at least last night, but only time
will tell. I believe that if this keeps up for much
longer, then it is gonna end very very very terribly. They
may end up alone,without one another, and I do not want
that for either one of them. Most if they continue to be
so destructive, that will soon become their only option. I
hope they listen.