Like A Frightened Rabbit
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2002-02-01 10:58:08 (UTC)



how r u today!
i feel like crap. as normal. feel like doing sumfing
stupid, you know what i mean. i had to mov my diary here
coz i cant get diaryland to work on our computer n e more.
but if ur interested, or indeed if u care, my old diary is

i have a psychology lesson in ten minuets, but to tell u
the truth, there is nothing i want less rite now.
stephalways notices wen i'm down and starts to ask me
questions...try and make me talk n stuff, but i just wanna
cry, i hate that...then after the lesson, every friday, she
makes me stay back and she asks me if i'm ok. once she
offered to make anappoinment wiv college counsellor for me,
i just smile and say i'm fine, its a lot easier to do that
that to tell her stuff, tell ne one stuff. if i keep it
inside i can play games with it, pretend whats happenning
isnt real, or that its a film or my universe
at least.
i hope she duznt keep me back today to talk. she always
seems so happy and cool, on top of it all and
could i tell her n e thing. i don't wanna tell ne 1 n e
thing n e's too much hassle, ppl find it too
difficult to understand.

i can c ian over there wiv ol. i'd better go over...its
rude not to....put on ur happy face vic!!


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