Marco Jacksonovic

Crazy What You Could've Had
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2002-02-01 10:34:12 (UTC)

Hot Weather Blues

Tom set on his way down the railroad track,
Sun burnt a hole through the shirt on his back,
June afternoons are dusty as hell,
Made his way panting, to the well,
He lifted the bucket time and again,
Filled up his flask and prayed for some rain,
He walked hard until the sky turned black,
Head up high, and never looked back.

The sun rose burning hot as before,
Tom downed his flask and set off once more,
By midday he had reached Qón Tip,
He found his brother and fumbled his hip,
He greeted Larry as soon as he saw,
With his Smith & Weston onto the floor,
Larry lay dying in the sand,
Tom went to him to hold his hand,
And carried him off to the river's bank,
Dumped his body. And drank.