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2001-04-23 04:25:43 (UTC)

ongoing ranting

well lets see i went to little company of mary today,
the hospital that i volunteer at and i decided that i want
to join medical explorers. It's a program where people with
medical goals can learn more about what exactly a doctor or
whatever profession in the field they want does for a job.
So i figured hey not only will if ind out if i want to be a
doctor/surgeon or not, but itll look good on my app for
the dress i want for confirmation is online but im not
sure if its in the stores or not and i can't exactly order
it online because it might not fit. If i could change one
thing about my body it would be my legs. Not only did i
break one and so my calves are uneven, but im a runner as
well, so my thighs are extremely large because of the
muscles. SO this makes it look horrible with my slimmer
upper body. agh! and i love dresses too!
well aside from that stuff i have an issue with
colleges and the hypocrisy of the world. Here in the united
states, Asians and pacific islanders are considered a
minority, however in the eyes of a college, an asian person
is less of a minority than a hispanic one when in some
states the hispanic population is greater than that of the
asian and this is the same for the african americans. How
is it that they are more likely to recieve financial aid
when an asian might need it just as much but because of
their race and stereotype, they are more likely to recieve
it? really though. it doens't make any sense at all.
I understand that there are minorities that do need
aid. And that the majority of asians have good jobs and
yearly incomes, but the fact is.. asians are minorities and
the fact that most colleges won't really acknowledge that
is as irritating as a fly buzzing around your head for
hours and hours. There are asian families that have other
kids to think about sending to college as well, and the
fact that someone can't afford to go to the dream school
tha they want and got accepted to is a major pisser offer.
This is just one of those things that people go .. hey
its life, get use to it. Well if everyone were to get use
to life then im sure that slaves would still be slaves and
women would still have life, because back in that day, it
was life and people should have gotten use to it. But the
fact is that things change just as the times and unless
this ever does change then people will be cheated of their
dreams all because of the stereotypes of today.