Reality Bites
2002-02-01 07:39:52 (UTC)

A Thousand Miles

Today has been emotional. Nothing big happened, just little

Ok, so I woke up at 5-took a shower & got ready and felt
very sick, but I already missed a day so I was like screw
it I'll just go. Cause I mean I acutally wanted to go. So
by second period I'm dizzy and just feeling icky, totally
PMSed out. So anyways I was just in a bad mood all day, I
did a good job of hiding it except I was a little quieter.
I also found out that my GPA is dropping from a 3.2 to a
2.5 which just made me that more upset. Towards the end of
the day, I got really upset and then I saw Robby in the
hall and he like on purpace ignored me and I got way
upset...he was joking but omg if there was ever a bad time
to joke with me it was then...I just blew him off and went
to class and didn't speak to him the whole time..Then he
held up this page in his book that I had written on that
said "Robby loves Angel" and I just started crying a little
but put my head down...Jes was like so worried..Mia knew
like exactly what was up, she just came back to my seat and
gave me a huge hug. I told Robby through some tears that I
wasn't mad at him and then Jes said some nice things to
make me smile and I was happy I guess for the moment. Then
I found Lyss and me and her and Mia went and got a ride
with Ashley and b4 we were leaving, my friend Tim (not
Alyssa's bf...another Junior Tim) called my name and told
me that Eddie was expelled.....Gee, please someone make my
day better. I was like "Oh" thats all I could say...The one
guy besides Jes that I'm interested in and he's gone now.
Great stuff. So we went home and my mom was being just
really mean cause I didn't want to eat dinner. I wasn't
arguing back tho, so then she says, "Fine, you know what?
From now on, I'm gonna cook for me only and not you or your
sister ever again" and I was like, "Ok mom, bout
we take turns making dinner" and she was like "No, I dont
think so" and I was like, "Ok.." and just went into my room
and went online to Check my homework and all these people
were Iming i just put up an away message and
whatever my mom came in and was yelling at me about loosing
by Spanish book and then I just didnt say anything and
started balling. Omg, I havent cryed that much in awhile.
She felt so bad, I guess she had a bad day and had no idea
I had a bad day and then I just couldnt stop crying. And
she said "what's wrong?!" and I was like "I don't wanna do
my homework" and she's all, "ok then you don't need to go
to school tomarrow" I felt a lot better but kept crying. I
just basically broke down. She made me some tea and then we
watched Friends and Will and Grace, and ER together, and
now I'm getting ready to go to bed. Oh wow, my eyes are
like swollen shut from crying, I want to hug Jesse, and I
need to say more but I'm too tierd, so til

"And I need you,
And I miss you,
And I wonder,
If I could fall into the sky,
Do you think time would pass me by,
Cause you know I'd walk a thousand miles,
If I could just see you..tonite.

It's always times like these when I think of you
and I wonder if you ever think of me,
Cause everything's so wrong and I don't belong"-Vanessa