It smells like poop over here
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2002-02-01 06:38:36 (UTC)

come my lady, come come my lady

your my buttafly, suga, babay. actually i don't even
really like that song. i have been up to much in the past
few days or weeks or whatever. workin and school. i haven't
even really been able to hang out with anyone. school is
really a downer to my life, haha, oh well. overwhelming
really, i can't wait to be done with it. no school today
htough, too much snow and ice. i finally got to sleep in,
but i kept waking up when the music would stop playing. i
can't sleep with out music. if i wake up in the middle of
the night an just lay there, i won't go to sleep, if i hit
play on my CD player, im out in 30 seconds. i had to work
though, just covering for my brother, so he could go
snowboarding. it was grocery day too, when all the frozen
stuff, and cans n shit come into the store. i was supposed
to be on the counter, but sean was sick so i finished up in
stock. i hate mopping the floor. im gonna get a phat check
after this week though.
i was gonna go up to MSU this weekend, but my mom needs
the car, so now i can't go. that's BS. but understandable,
cause my car died and i was gonna take hers, fuck that.it's
ok though, it is her b-day, not like mine matter's to her,
she forgot mine.
im too fuckin tired to write right now, ill catch up
with you folks tomorrow night.