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Cheese and Whine
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2001-04-23 03:16:43 (UTC)

Last verse, same as the first, first entry a little bit worse....

My first entry in my online diary.
Sorry to disappoint you gentle readers but my life is not
really one that includes that much excitement. In my life
there is:
* the daughter (age 6) - here after known as "AK".
* the boyfriend - sometimes referred to as "the bastard"
but only when I'm angry with him, any other time he shall
be known as D.
And a whole cast of other characters that shall be
introduced as they appear in my diary.
Today was a lovely day. The sun was shinning. It was a
warm, ok HOT, 84 degrees and there was a slight breeze to
cool things off every once in a while. My daughter, AK,
and I went over to my friend Patricia's house to swim and
layout in the sun. I did get a bit too much sun, but
that's not the point.
The point is I almost broke up with D last week and things
are still on the mend, but not yet resolved. Nor do I know
if they ever will be. It may take us going our separate
ways to do that. Time will tell I suppose.