Pure Belligerence
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2002-02-01 05:31:13 (UTC)

*I am a driver*

i got my license, woo hoo... and the next day (yesterday) i
went to the dmv and got my picture taken, and it came out
really well (im not giving my best smile, but thats ok)
and then i went out with alicia (i drove of course) and we
went to borders and the gaylordsville country store, amung
other places. Alicia is having a whole lot of problems
with her stepfather, hes so unreasonable, he strips her
room down for doing the littlest things, like going out....
or he'll call her a whore and just really is emotionally
abusive. So i convinced alica to call jody, her family's
therapist, and she was talking to jody about emancipation.
Jody says to just comply with her parents a few more days
until their next session and then she would talk to alicia
about all the shit thats going on and see what she can do
about convincing alicias parents to let her get her license
and have more freedom. This is the reason i could not go
out with Zack on wed. and i called him up and told him (i
never said i was going to go out with him, i said it was a
maybe) that i couldnt go, and he got all pissy and was
like, well fine, thats ok because didnt want to go out with
you tonight anyways. And right after he said that, i think
he realized how mean that sounded and that he was just mad
and didnt mean it.... so he was like... no, i didnt mean it
like that.... its just that im tired today from work and
blah blah blah.... but it still really hurt my feeling and
i havent talked to him since then (yesterday) so if he
calls tonight im gonna give him a guilt trip about it
(hopefully i can, because whenever im mad i think of what
im gonna say to him, but then when he calls hes just so
sweet that i cant bring myself to do it, damn him!) if not
tonight, tomorrow. I called dad tonight and left a message
on his voicemail saying to call me back... i wanna come
over this weekend..... let me know if anyones gonna be
there. So we'll see tomorrow..... and also iv been looking
at prom dresses..... i found the most PERFECT one in my
magizine and i went to the site, but they dont have it
shown in the color it was in the mag... im so mad... im
gonna call them up about it to see if theres any way i can
get it.... its so beautiful.... strapless white ball gown
that poofs out at the waist.... perfect. It would look so
great with white gloves, a tiara, diamond earrings and
necklace (fake of course....) white eyeshadow, white shoes,
glitter on my colar bone, a white hand bag, redish lipstick
and an updo. Yes, that would be perfect.

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