The Xdruggie Files
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2002-02-01 05:16:55 (UTC)

Just another day

Ok so today wasn't as bad as yesterday. I am trying to be
zen. I am trying to get shit done. I am trying to be a good
son and all around human being-I will say today was easier
than yesterday. Had a good talk with my sober friend Wes.
Weird but both he and roommate rick asked me if i was
uncomfortable being around him b/c of our sex history and
my sexual compulsiveness. I never gave it any thought
although it seems others did. Group was sad tonight. Lots
of my friends leaving. Lar bear. I dunno what i am gonna do
when bubba is gone from group. Didn't want to use today.
Did want to have sex-but who doesn't? I am worried about
Kim in group.

I love queer duck. What a great show.

I love bipolarbear. I am sooo ordering a tshirt.


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