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2002-02-01 05:01:50 (UTC)

Styling and profiling with a brush and a comb, sir!

Ok, so that sounds absolutly absurd to everyone except my
brother. :-p We used to go visit him when he was at boy
scout camp in the summer and at roll call that's what the
staff used to say instead of a simple "here." :-p Not
really sure why I thought of that other than I was thinking
of how nice of a day it was to be outside, the perfect day
for being at camp.
I have lots to do, lots on my mind, but today I've felt
pretty carefree and happy. :-) It is the absolutly best
thing that can happen when you get out of lab early. I was
up at the crack of dawn as usual for Tuesdays and Thursdays
for my 8 AM labs. However, chem lab was quite short, I
think we were out in an hour and a half...that has to be
some kind of record for an organic lab. Mer and I went and
ate brkfst. Then I came back and chilled for a little bit
until CEP time.
Today I have discovered the addiction of downloading fun
sounds for instant messenger. I love it. :-p
"The color of the pen that I hold in my hand is
rrrrrrrrrrrooooooooyyyyyal blue." :-p
So when my mom gets on there's this Wizard of Oz clip that
goes on for like 3 minutes. :-p
This afternoon, Heather and I went and sat out underneath
the trees. I got a little bit of work done, but mainly
just enjoyed the sunny day. :-) "Heather...that guy over
there? HEATHER....THAT GUY OVER THERE?!?!" "Who was
that?" "I got dirty in lab."
Tonight the girls took me out for an early birthday
dinner. We went to O'Charley's in Garner. It was SO good,
aside from the extremly shady waiter. Then there was the
ice cream...oh, pecan pie ice cream. Excellent. Oh...and
Meredith got me a Barnes and Noble gift certificate that I
can use for Starbucks. :-) And Bojangles french fry
stuff. :-p
Might I just say that I love my roommate.
Told my mom about the phone call I need to make, to make an
appointment...which of course I am still delaying. She
said ok, good...and yeah, that was it.
Going home for my birthday. Probably would have had just
as much fun if I had stayed here. But, my uncle's b-day is
the 2nd and we usually celebrate ours together. It's neat
b/c we kinda have a connection like that. :-) He's the
2nd, I'm the 3rd. :-)
I love my friends...they really are the best.
4 classes tomorrow....whew.

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