The Eye Into My Soul
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2002-02-01 04:42:26 (UTC)

a beautiful day...

oh my gosh! Today was super fabulous. Although it is the
middle of the winter it was 72 degrees today. I really
didn't want to go to class so that I could sit outside and
read. I actually got up early to study for a test and when
I saw how nice it was I sat out in the sunshine for almost
an hour. I really didn't want to go in when class
started... fleh on having to go to class when it's super-
nice outside!

I just got back from a nice long walk with Scott. It was
great as it is still pretty warm outside and I needed the
exercise. I usually walk with my roommate but she was not
in the room when I got back from the RA informational... I
really wanna be an RA! Hmmm... I wonder where she was?
*pondering* She probably went out with some of her friends
from bowling... or she may have had practice as she has a
tourney this weekend... it's near her house (in MI) so she
is going to stay at home...yay for going home!

My stupid piece of crap car has a dead battery. I need to
call public saftey and get them to come jump my car. I hope
that it will recharge and I don't need a new one...on top
of needing a new muffler and exhaust system...fleh!

I went to the tanning bed earlier today...gotta get ready
to go to Florida in a couple months.... and I got a little
burnt. It will soak in tonight and I will feel better

I think today was the best day I've had in a few... yay for
good days!