My Life.............
2002-02-01 04:31:31 (UTC)

Ill never Learn..:(

i saw Jeff on aim, and i got all excited, and i messaged
him, BIG MISTAKE, it wasnt him, or so they said, they said
he was taking a shower, and they wanted to know who i was,
and i didnt answer, then they sent a message
saying "HELLO!!!!!!!!!!", i about shit!!!:( if that was him
he could have told me that he didnt want me to message him,
and if it wasnt him he shouldnt let his girlfriend on his
messenger if he doesnt want her to know he talks to other
women! whoeve it was came back online a little after that
happened, but, i just left and when i came back they were
gone, i dont know if he is going to yell at me or never
talk to me again, he said we were friends but i feel he
thinks i am his enemy, im hurt of course, but, he did tell
me he has all kinds of girlfriends, apparently she doesnt
know that part, i dont know im just so tired of him messing
with my head! i dont care anymore, he can have his so
called pregnant "friend"!!!!!!!! hes a loser!!!!!!!!!