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2002-02-01 01:27:48 (UTC)

I tried to make history - odds made theirs

Summertime 12:30 p. m. Sunny day of Summer in my country
at outside street of my home town. I tried to meet friend
Mel and then go to Carol and we together make a better day.
She was not there. I went to Carol. She went with me to Mel.
And would go back later. At 07:30 p. m. summertime I meet
Carol again. We looked for Mel. At least we have info about
Mel. Well I tried to make a better day with Mel and Carol
to save one of them. Odds decided to make it. I do not know
if Mel would give attention for me. But I tried.
Tomorrow we will see how days are going. I would apart her
enemies because they said as false friends she only goes
where she wanted.
It was a nice day with sun wind althought this story.
Sunny days of Summer at my home town.