Happy Noodle Boy Rox!
2002-02-01 04:16:14 (UTC)

25 abortion

If I were to kill your friend would you not be mad? If the
greatest genius alive was killed, murdered, just for the
sake of someone’s convenience would it not affect the
world? If I were to take apart your brother or sisters body
piece by piece while he or she was living in an act of
murder, would you not care? And yet each day that passes in
which abortion is permitted, you let the deaths of hundreds
of children, babies, with souls, slide. How can we be so
hypocritical? I’ve seen many teenagers squeal with delight
at a baby, stating aloud how cute they are and things like
that. Why then, are you not horrified-appalled at the
concept of abortion? Abortion… This is not a woman’s right.
How could it be? This child is fully developed, all of its
parts are able to seen by only a few weeks into pregnancy.
Most abortions occur when the mother is months into the
pregnancy … This means in almost all abortions the child is
fully developed. Weather in the womb or out of it, the
child is still developed, and alive. Even though it is
dependent on the mother, the child is still a person! I am
a person even though I am dependent on my parents. How can
this legally, morally, and ethically be someone’s choice to
deliberately take the life of the most innocent form of
life… a baby! My friend once stated if you are not solving
the problem, you are part of the problem. Every second you
remain silent, or undecided, you are saying that abortion
is ok. That it is ok to take the life of an infant. This is
a problem that needs to be not only recognized, and
analyzed, but also solved! This isn’t a matter of
convenience, as some people believe. This is a matter of
life and death! They call it a woman’s choice, a right.
What about the rights of the child within the mother? Does
it have no rights? Just because of its location, its
dependence, is it not a fellow human being? No matter where
it is the fact remains that it is a child. Here, in the
United States of America, when people act upon things,
these actions result in consequences, good or bad. To try
to alter these consequences for mere convenience, or to
avoid discomfort, not by solving the problem, but getting
rid of it, is wrong! You ask about the emotional
consequences of the mother, the life of the mother. You
say, you argue that they may be driven to hurt or kill
themselves. That is their own choice. Furthermore, studies
have shown that teens that have abortion suffer from post-
abortion syndrome, and emotional consequences far greater
than those who don’t! We, in cold blood, slaughter these
helpless infants! We then try to rationalize these actions
by twisting words into phrases to make abortion seem right!
In my research I came across an article that stated pro
choice is actually pro life! The author of these twisted
and contorted words into an essay that made abortion seem
actually pro life yet it is not! The author said that the
life of the mother is the only one that mattered. Maybe
this article should’ve been arguing that abortion was pro
convenience, but nothing more. People often believe that
because things are legal they’re right. This statement is
wrong! Take a glance at slavery, and tell me that was
moral. Slaves were treated as property. “Inhuman” I ask you
this question: Do we not have a modern slavery on our
hands? These infants are treated as property and if
troublesome, thrown away, disposed of. The victims of
abortion are victims of slavery… They are enslaved to the
convenience of their parents with no chance of retaliation.
Because of this, we must retaliate and stand up against the
wrongdoings of the world. Let us become abolitionists of
abortion. Another case of something legal, yet not moral
would be the slaughtering of natives to “civilize” them…
Tell me if slaughtering natives is moral!? Look again! Were
not both those done for convenience, and rationalized to
ease guilt… They’re not really people… We’re “civilizing”
them. Yet the wrong actions still remained unjust even with
the words of rationalization wrapped around them like a
shield, yet this shield of lies always weakens and breaks.
I am asking you not only to accept abortion as a problem in
our society, but to also join in the battle against it. In
doing so, you will become an abolitionist of unjustness…
wrongness. Yes, abortion is a battle, and it is a battle
continuing to be fought. Over 30 million infants are
casualties to abortion, preventable casualties! This is the
biggest war ever fought! Each year millions and millions
more die, and if we stand by and watch, millions more will!
In World War 2, the reason Hitler gained power was because
everybody stood back until it hit him or her. The only
countries that completely aided the Jews in their struggle
were those of Denmark and Holland. Although history repeats
itself, this holocaust of the unborn doesn’t have to be a
repetition of Hitler’s holocaust. We are the United States
of America. United we can prevent this modern Hitler,
abortion, from repeating history and taking over before its
too late. If we stand by while acknowledging that abortion
is fine, if we remain passive, it will grow. As for
imposing your beliefs upon others, is not the woman
imposing her beliefs on the child? Are not all the rules
laws and regulations we follow someone or some people’s
belief being imposed on us? We cannot stand by and let this
treachery go on with impunity. We cannot stand by then
millions of children are being murdered. We cannot stand by
as these deeds are being committed. Yet so many have and
imposition of belief or not, I cannot stand by and watch
this injustice occur without such as a murmur of
disapproval. Every minute you are standing by not taking
action, someone else whose death could have been prevented
occurs. Stop the problem at its roots. Pull the weeds of
injustice out of this land we call America and stand up for

it goes on and on and on ben.
look you saw the pics
thats abortion
thats what they dont show people
you know why?
that is wrong and they know it
theyre out to get money, nothing more
making a market out of womens desires for convienence or
elimination of a problem
damnit its a consequence
eliminating a consequence is not right!
its just fucking killing
fucking slaughtering of children
and until people start recognizing it
its going to go on and on and on and on
till it becomes unstoppable
what place of the woman is it to have this choice?
life is not a choice
its a right