Whenever * Whatever
2002-02-01 04:12:29 (UTC)

God, Just Whatever!!!

Ya know when you just want to scream & throw one hell of a
fit? Enough said! I could just go bonkers today & never
return to real sanity.

Ronnie & I had a so-so conversation tonight. It wasn't all
that because he had to make phone calls & I always get
interrupted by my other phone line so just whatever. Ya
know what I'm saying? Sometimes it's that way.

Amanda & I had a great convo though. That's something I can
always count on. At least I have one stable thing in my
life. I am totally counting down the days until April '03.

Oh yeah....I guess I forgot to mention that I turned down
going to college this May for business. Yeah so call me
stupid or whatever. I don't give a damn. I am however going
to take the activities director as planned. That starts
Monday & I am all ready. After that ends though I am just
going to work my ass off & save money to move back to West
Virginia. It's my life so stop fucking judging me.

I talked to Jess again tonight. She wants to know if she
can live with me when I finally move back. I told her sure.
I mean as long as she helps with the rent. There aren't
many people I want to talk to or see though. I think she
understands that. Maybe they've changed or maybe I've
changed, but either way I don't care.

Also, I almost the bitch that sent me a
message & said that I'm a pathetic example for a human
being & my life is easy compared to most....FUCK THE HELL
OFF YOU FUCKING ASS HOLE! You have not a clue what my life
is like & 98% of people that are around me every single day
are just as clueless as stop reading my entry's
if you don't want to know what real life is like. Go back
to whore land where you came from.