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2002-02-01 03:50:23 (UTC)

She Shall Wait...poetry

She Shall Wait

Moon has well risen
Lurking in the shadows fallen
Bare branches in autumns final stage
She waits amid the less concealing foliage .

Her pets run , into the night making play
Yet her wolves venture not far away
Howls pierce the silence , giving rise to mortal flesh
Like metal drawn against glass , adrenaline rush .

For what she waits , she doesn't know
Hidden cloaked in night , nothing more than a red glow
The moons reflection against her curious dark eyes
Homage heard to the moon , silence filled again with
howling cries .

The crunch of leaves , footsteps moving near
Wolves retreat to the underbrush , at her side to protect
with no fear
Fur bristled , barely audible growls for this is their
Slightest hint of danger , the unsuspecting would haven't a
chance .

Wolves by her side , moving out of the foliage stepping
Into the path of the stunning stranger , her fiery eyes a

Forever in a glance , they both know for each the
others kindred mate
Forever , for this feeling , this sense of right , forever
for him she shall wait .

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