The memory of a dream.
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2002-02-01 03:48:35 (UTC)

The Newest Reflection.

I'm a 15 year old high school student, I'm a bit of a
egoist, and rather arrogant at times. I have this absurd
idea that everyone in the world is ignorant and stupid, but
if you ever see my peers, you'd understand.

I'm a geek, to speak bluntly. I listen to classical music,
I read books quite frequently, and I enjoy intelligent
debates and discussions. I expeciallly enjoy classical
and jazz music, and can't stand pop or country music. It's
just so... whiney. My love of classical music was sparked
in 6th grade when i was browsing through stations on the
radio. I also listen to some other peoples, like Tori
Amos and Queen. I'm not just purely glued to classical.

Specifically, I'm a band geek. I love music, and I love to
make music. I play flute in the Freshman Band at my
highschool. I'm second chair, and I worked my butt off to
get there. I'm also in the School's Jazz Ensamble 2. I
play piano for that, but to speak frank to you, I suck. I
play a variety of other instruments, but none of them
nearly as great as I play flute.