2002-02-01 03:48:07 (UTC)



Standing regal ,roots grasping firmly in the ground,
It's branches reaching high up in the air,
Winds making the branches dance,swaying as one with nature,
It hums it's song,branches creaking and it's leaves

Oh.regal one I grow weary,
It offers me a place to sit,and shade from the sun,
Resting against it's trunk,leaning back looking up,
I watch it's tenants playing along the branches.

The little squirrels run along the branches,
Ducking and playing among the outstretched limbs,
Two of them running around the trunk up and down,
The regal one's limbs begin to shake,maybe from laughter.

Oh regal one,I chill from the cool air,
It again offers me a place to stand,blocking from the wind,
Standing there behind it's large trunk,I look up,
I watch as it's covering begins to fall.

The leaf has gently broke away,from the regal one,
It floats lightly,slowly falling to the ground,
Maybe it waves it's goodbye to the regal one,
Slowly gently floating down.

The days pass, nights come and go,
Snow blankets the ground,covering everything sealing it in,
The regal one stands limbs naked and outstretched,
Through the bitter winter it houses many giving shelter.

Days stretch to weeks and weeks into months,
The snow has disappeared,and the sun begins to warm the
The regal one begins to stir,upon its limbs ends appear
tiny little buds,
It's tenants once again begin to run ramped along it's

Standing near the regal one,I now understand ,
It stands regal and tall,limbs lifted to the sun,
For with it's outstretched limbs,
It's the regal ones way,of offer a greeting to each day.