2002-02-01 03:41:06 (UTC)

Into the Darkness....poetry

Into the Darkness

I stand watching ,in the midst of the October leaves,
I watch intently as this is my last greeting to the sun,
As it yawns and begins to stretch it's light across the
I pay my homage to the day,for tonight my days shall be no

Throughout the day I remain in the October leaves,
Watching as the sun goes through it's motions,
It rises high,then at times peeks at me,from behind the
changing sky,
I drink in the sun's rays,it's warmth,for these are my last
kisses from the day.

I wait for the night to fall,for with the night comes my
As time moves forward,so does the sun,
Watching as it yawns again,gathering it's light and drawing
it in,
As it fades bright crimsons and oranges begin to paint the

The moon appears within the night's sky,
Casting it's glows and shadows across the horizon,
Within me excitement builds,for I know my love is near,
For on the winds,the woodsmoke mixed with a hint of
clove,does blow.

Feeling my body enshrouded by the arms of my love,
Feeling his breath move against my flesh,my neck,
I stand wrapped and protected,out of harms way,
We watch together as the shadows from the moon crawl
against the ground.

I stand feeling warm and calm,enshrouded, protected,
As I feel my lovers kiss,the tears mist my eyes,but don't
As my breath begins to cease,I stand protected,remembering
the day,
Enshrouded I whisper a final "goodbye"as I sink into the