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2002-02-01 03:39:14 (UTC)

Crimson Mist...poetry

Crimson Mist

Sorrow hangs above our house
In the untimely passing of our beloved.....Kory
No words can express just how much her presence shall be
Dearest Parted One,
To you these words I write .... shall send them upon the
winds of night
Letting them carry....To be heard by all
A song in honor of the dead...to you the wolves call
For those of us, whom where left behind...forever you shall
be missed
Weight heavy upon our chests ,crushing, void.. tears
falling staining our world in crimson mist
Retrospective silence ,the tears just fall with no control
As time fell grain by grain, your life vanished....from us
time too early stole
For us your children, kindred ,the undead.......the inner
anguish unrelentless
Let the moon be your guide , watch over us ,keep us
safe...nocturnal mistress
Heavy hearted , numb , stabbing aching silent void
Choking on the lump in my throat , emotionally destroyed
To the dead a final kiss , fingertips pressed to lips
shattered and shaking
Blowing gently to the winds , a kiss mixed with tears....
on the winds a crimson mist , traveling , for you searching
Tear stained cheeks , trembling , whispering softly one
final , one last phrase...
Forever Rest....Goodbye...Goodnight