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2001-04-23 02:51:49 (UTC)

Spring Break Cometh To An End

Well kiddies, this is it. Tomorrow I must return to the
Pit. Ugggggggh! Mommy! I don't want to go to school! Oh
well, I suppose it is a must. My spring break was pretty
nice. Sorry to all of my "avid readers" for not writing.
I've been having lots of fun with mein engal. I am really
stressed out today for some reason. I'm utterly confused.
I don't want to leace mein engal for an entire month this
summer (to go to summer school) but if I stay, I'll miss
out on a great opprotunity. I do not want to go to a new
school next year, but I have no choice, Mum's forcing me.
I cannot seem to finish even on of my writing projects and
I'm so frustrated with myself that it is not even funny!
Oh yeah, and I make the Kool-Aid man look like Tyra Banks.
At least that is how I feel. Ugggggggggghhhhh! What the
fuck and I going to do? Go insane! At least there is less
than a month left of school. Thank God! You know what
really sucks? For the month before I go to summer school,
I will be studying and researching so that I don't flunk
out. What if I flunk out anyway? What if I'm just not
smart enough and I can't make it? What if I get totally
lost at what I'm doing? Oh, Jesus help me, the stress
monsters are eating my brain. I feel like cockroaches are
eating away at my mind. Not the best feeling in the
world. I am utterly confused and I have to go to school
tomorrow. Maybe things will work out. Perhaps if I become
bulemic? Love to you all and stay wilder than the wind and
blow me into cry.............................