The trilogy of my life
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2002-02-01 03:29:27 (UTC)


Why is it when something is on your mind like a girl you
cant get it out of your head? Usually i can just put other
things in my head and thing about them but when it comes to
girls it's like so impossible. I think to myself a lot,
what do most girls find attractive in a guy? or what do
girls i know find attractive in me. Why is it that when i
do have the chance to become more than friends with a girl
i some how screw it up and i loose the chance so now we are
just friends :( It kinda gets me down to think that i
mostly never get the chance to become more than friends
with some girl.

So i was thiking a little, if there is a girl that i like
but i'm not shure if she likes me back what would i do on
Valentines day. Should i give her something and hopefully
things might change or not do anything at all and save the
diginity that i have left? If i did decide to give her
something then what should i give her? i don't want
something too impressionable like roses but i don't want
something stupid. if your reading this i would appericate
if you would give me some good feed back thanks.

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