All Fucked Up
2002-02-01 02:46:18 (UTC)

Positively HIV

We use to sit in the back seats of psych. class together
w/an utter sense of immortality as we made fun of the
teacher, Mrs. Gombs. "Hell, man," Laura'd say, "Does she
ever stop talking??!" "Nawww..." I'd reply, "The broad is a
pill popper. Their breed keeps going, and going, and
going..." Laura, who was once part of Wyatt Earp's
immortals, will never get that chance to keep going and

Ran into the 21 year old kid the other day at the College
Cafe, after two years of having not seen eachother. "Dude--
it''s FUCKIN' YOU!!!!" We thus exchanged a few words
and thereby continued our insanity

"So, what profession you taking up, dude?"
"Me? Just hopin' to join the Merchant Marine"
"Dude, you serious?? You could die!"
"I can't die, man. I'm one of Wyatt Earp's immortals!!!
Hell, even if I did, I'd consider it an accomplishment"

Sadness overcame her brilliantly dark skin

"Well, me...I work at an aid's clinic"
"That's cool"
"Yeah...and by the way, I'm HIV "
(I could have slapped myself for such foolish naivety)

It didn't quite hit me; the words did not seem right. Had I
heard correctly? How...why...what the fuck?? Laura, whose
dream was to become a ranchand on some Okie plain and
etenrally ride the ravaged terrains of her soul? Come
again, dear Laura??

"Tell Laura I love herrrr. Tell Laura not to cry; my love
for her will neverrrr die!!!"-- 1963 oldie