shell's life
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2002-02-01 02:41:43 (UTC)


well i went to my baby's house after school today. he was
goi through my pockets and found my friend, juan's e-mail
addy and phone number. he went stormin upstairs. kept
stompin on the floor. when he finally came back downstairs
he asked me whyi had it and did i like him. i told him no.
took me a long time to even look at him let alone talk to
him. i was ready to tell him to take me home. i just love
him SOOOOOOO much. the only reason i talked to him was
becaus he kept punchin the wall. after about the third time
he punched the wall i had to stop him. he knows how much i
love him and i don't see why he would ever let it cross his
mind that i would ever even think about doin him wrong.
whatever. i guess it's all over with but it still hurts.
well i have to go. family's fightin right love to
all yall

~Baby Shell~