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2002-02-01 02:30:56 (UTC)

Cookies are good!

I don't have much to write about really. i'm just angsty
because no one's on. But my birthday is in a few days. I'll
be 18! My one best friend is coming over on friday and the
other one and a half are coming for the party I'm having on
saturday. I think I'll take a moment to save you from
confusion. (If anyone's actually even reading this shit.)
My one best friend, Jess, she is longest best friendship
I've ever had. She and I have been growing apart lately,
and I was having some serious problems with that but now
I'm okay. We're still close just not like we used to be,
and I (finally) accepted that she has a fiancee and I
should stop trying to get between them. I've done some
really stupid shit concerning her and especially concerning
him. But now I'm over it, I'll never be that dumb again. My
other best friend is Nikkie, she is bubbly/self concious.
We have been friends since I was like seven, but about two
years ago became best friends, unlike Jess, she and I get
closer all the time. She's drifted a bit this year, but I'm
not too worried, I know she loves me. I'm happy to hear
about her new friends, though i'll admit I was jealous at
first. Now I'm good though and looking forward to meeting
her friend Michelle this weekend. (I invited her to my
party.) I hope things go well, I have a bad tendancy to let
my jealousy take form and make me a really nasty
overbearing person. (Case in point being with Alex and
Paul, I was mad that they were talking more with Nikkie so
I got really snotty about the music we were listening to
and insisted that we put in Limp Bizkit, then sung very
loudly to it.) Nikkie is a really sweet person though
sometimes I feel like i'm a nasty person around her because
I'm not as nice as she is. With this one guy James, I hated
him because he practically tried to rape me and wouldn't
leave me the fuck alone. Then we started to hate each other
and every time after that I would be there when he was
because I was afraid to leave him alone with Nikkie. He was
a total dick to me and alternately insulted me, or tried to
grope me. I think he couldn't decide if he was disgusted
with who I was, or if he thought I was just a dirty slut so
it didn't matter what he did to me. (I'm wiccan, and he's
johavah's witness (no offense to any of you out there, he
was just a self-rightous bastard.) but in his vocabulary
Wiccan=dirty slut. And that the fact that I appeal to his
dumbstick (his dick) I must be a slut!) Anyways where was
I? Oh yeah he was a dick to me, and this mega I'm so sweet
guy to Nikkie. I always felt really bad, and he made me out
to be this supa bitch to him. But Nikkie figured it out in
the end, and saluted the jackass (SPINACH EATER) into hell
where he rules with his lover Saddam Hussein. Anyways...
as for the half (In two and a half best friends.) That's
Caity, she is really nice but we're not exactly best
friends, she mentioned it once to me but we never really
decided anything. Besides I've already decided that I no
longer want any best friends, after Jess and Nikkie. So if
they ditch me, then that's it. So I'll make a half, we know
everything about each other (mostly.) and we talk everyday,
but still if she moved away or did the commen you're not
good enough ditch, I won't be crushed. My boyfriend is
really getting on my nerves. All he ever talks about
somehow eventually alludes to sex. I told him I'd slap him
if he got out of line, and he said it might excite him.
Gah! I need a nice, goodlooking normal, non sex craved
boyfriend. Plus he's way attactched, and I am way not.
(This is an awful lot for not much to say.) But anyways I'm
excited because my birthday is in a few days! Yea! Then I'm
going to go get a tattoo, or else get something pierced
(like my ear cuff or my nose.) Yeah I've written enough,
and if you've made it this far I salute you, I can't even
reread my shit.
~Fangs are nice, but claws can hit twice!~
*~*Bad * Kitty*~*