out of reach
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2002-02-01 02:30:01 (UTC)

let's get together and feel alright

i had a mad long yearbook meeting today. its about 9 right
now and i just got home. everyone on the yearbook
committee is completely psychotic. i think its from being
in school too much. we rearranged the goblins on top of
the bookshelves to amuse ourselves. i'm sure no one will
notice but we will. hehe.

i've become a big fan of michelle lately. she's a crazy
girl but i like her alot. i really really hope that after
high school is over we stay somewhat in touch. i doubt
that will happen but i would like that. she seems like she
could be a good friend.

today i got out of my depressive slump. not sure how or
what happened but i feel ok right now. i think i can
attribute my happiness to darrick and michelle. they
brighten my day and make me happy.

prom bids are due in like 2 weeks. i don't know how i'm
going to find a date. i sent michelle out on a mission for
me. hopefully she'll come back with some good news. i
would like to have a fun time at prom this year. i didn't
go last year. i'm not so sure how much fun i'll have this
year but i'll try. i really want a date though. i've
never had a date for anything and it would be nice for a

i think i'm gonna read now. maybe.

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