Nya The Rogue

The Journal of Now
2002-02-01 02:23:03 (UTC)

The Day Of The Cell War

Yes, you heard me correctly.A cell war.In Science we were
learning about cells*yawn* when one classmate asked if you
just wipe your hand then a bunch of cells came off.The
teacher replied yes.And thats where the Cell War I
began.That dreadful bloodbath.Many of our
troops...gone..never to flick another a cell
again..Other...like myself...will never be the same
again.My right eye...I may never see through ti again..I
was betrayed...by my own troop.

I was out in the front line.I was flicking those cells as
fast as I could.Troops around me were dropping by
second.Then we got the upper hand.We learned a new
technique.The machine gun cell attack.It worked like a
charm.We took out 23 troops and 2 snipers.Everything was
going great.We were near victory.Thats when it happened.A
voice sounded behind me.I reconized the voice as Troop
109chatty.I turned to face her, thinking that she was
thrilled for the victory, but.....Everything went in slow
motion.Her hand was put out, she flicked....The cell
flew..I watched in horror, not able to move...It drew
nearer and nearer..My feet were glewed to the spot...Thats
when the cell hit me...My eye stung with great angwish..One
of my own troops..I was betrayed...
Oh well!After that, me and Geckster held up a bank.That
brightened my mood.The people in there were laughing at us
threatening them with cells, but they arent laughin now!
They got plenty of bruises to tell about.Those bruises are
the size of a molecule, but their there.Thats all that
Well, me and Chattybratty made up after her cracking up
over somethin.Forgot what it was though.I think I was
trying to say something and I couldnt get the words out.But
now Im mad at her again!Mwahaha!She stole all my journal
ideas!The nerve of that little brat that likes to chat.(Get
it!Chattybratty?Well, *I* laughed.Sheesh!People have no
sense of humor these days)I guess I'll forgive her if she
lets me flick her in the eye with a cell*smiles
That video game, Chrono Cross, is gettin cooler by the
second!Great storyline!If it dont got*My English teacher
would kill me* no story, it aint enterin my house!Well, its
getin late, or I'd probably write more.This entry end in