Visions Of Life
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2002-02-01 01:46:31 (UTC)

Anti-Poems: The New Form Of Expression


These are not poems, despite the appearance, but I find the
form works well when I need to write but cant express

Such a life
Dragging weight on my soul
Each day
Some days why wake
Ill just get tossed aside
Held within mortality
Such dreams
Out of reach, Ive been told
I almost believe
But the future seems wrong
It is not me
Such a passion
Held within
I want to burst
Only one believes
And it is not me
Hiding, Crying, What is one to do?
Such indecision
Why cant I decide
Make my own choices in this world
Instead, close in the mold
Im almost there
No longer myself

I doubt whats in my mind
Such goals
Long ago lost
Ive descended
Given up
Lost my fire
Forgotten my dreams
And now I am not whole
No longer the person I loved
A husk
Statue made of tears
Empty, not alive
Spiritless, Hopeless
Disgrace to my soul
But how can I change
Takes less strength to cry
And to hide
Toss aside my life
My mind
My hope
My pride
My vision
Which is most likely wrong
I try
Then fail
Why try again
To be tossed in the dust
Abandoned by reason
Led forward by darkness
Away from the light
From the world
From your life
Not happy either way
Ive always craved more
I need to share
To love
But how can I give
When Im no longer here
How can i strive
Im so dead inside
Save me from my trap
Help me up
Help me give
Everything I can

**Hmmmmm....I do feel better. Im a bit appalled at the
quality of my anti poems but oh well**

-In case i forget to say it.. Thank You. Thank you for
listening, loving, helping, advising and mainly for just
being you-