All in the Night
2002-02-01 01:33:37 (UTC)

Wow, it's been a long lon glong time!

OMG, i think it's been like almost a month or something
since i've written in here! Well anyways, to update,
Chad's gone. I was so depressed for ohhhh the first 7
days....it's been 12 since he's left and still no phon
ecall, no email, no nothing. I'd love to hun thim down and
scream and yell at him or something, but i miss him too
much. Well, anyways, I haven't been workin gmuch lately,
so i've been thinking alot. I don't understand why peopl
edon't like certain other people....especially when they
realy dont' have a good reason not to....and "she's a
bitch" just doesn't seem like a good reason to me. I wish
that everyone would just get over whatever it is, and start
realizing that we're all leaving here in four months and
nobody really gives a shit about if you like them or
not....but it would be really nice to say that i left
stokes county on good terms with almost everybody.
Anyways, the piercing was short lived....it like was about
to grow out of my stomach and when i turned it on enight it
started to rip and bleed....i wasn't feeling to well that
night and anyways, i'm not exactly sure why but to cut a
loooooong story short i ended up passing out twice and
ripping the damn thing out in a moment of insanity or
something. Oh i've decided to stop cursing!!! Yay for
me! Wow i really hope that nobody read this, i mean aren't
diarues supposed to be personal...i'd make it private but i
don't care if complete strangers read it, i just don't like
people i know to read it b/c i like to keep somethings to
myself....whatever, anyways. Goodnight diary.

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