dA sWeEtIeS dIaRy
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2002-02-01 01:14:53 (UTC)

everyone hater amanda!!(the bitch)

today in skool was the worst!!i hated it..first of all i
was fightinn wit dis grl she is so fuckinn annoyinn-we us
to be good friends but now we hate each other-she talked
bout me behind my bac she was not a good friend-it must
explain y she doesnt have many friends-well the other day i
wasnt in skool cuz i faked sick bec i had a spanish project
due that i didnt do n i dont really want to fail-so when i
came bac today my friend told me wut happend wit dis grl
that no 1 liks (amanda-the grl no 1 liks)(emily-my friend)-
so emily told me that anamda n her had a fight that day i
wasnt there-amanda had pushed emily in to the wall then of
corse emily had to do sumthing n pushed her right bac n
amanda reacted so then emily elbowed her in the stomach-i
didnt no wut went on that day but sumthing happend-i talked
to emily n she told me her n her mom go in a fight bec she
told her mom n her mom got mad they had a fight-so emily
wrote a note to her mom sayinn that she had to go away for
a while n she jus climbed out the window of her computer
room-try to guess where she came-ya thats right she came to
my house i was so surprised-after she told me wut happend
that day n wut happend wit her mom i told her she had to
call her mom-i mean her mom would of called the police n
thats not so good-so she called her mom n they had another
big fight-emily went home that night but the next morning i
saw her n she told me she was grounded-well now on to the
subject with anamda-at lunch i was waitinn in line n she
was in fornt a couple ppl ahead but when i were to talk to
her i no she heard me she jus egnored me-i was tellinn her
to not touch my friend again n if she did she would of
gotten her ass kicked-she nos i can hurt her-well she
turned around n said wut r u gunna do bout it (wit an
attiude)i was lik ohhh no u didnt jus give me an attiude!!n
i told her straight up if ur gunna give me an attiude u r
gunna get ur ass kicked-n she will bec im gunna stand up
for my friend bec i no she would do the same for me-now
everyone hates anamda bec she acts lik a fuckinn bitch-jus
wait she wont c wuts cuminn n she will get hurt!!
till next time,

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