A Trip Into My Life
2001-04-23 01:42:04 (UTC)

That's The Way It Is.

Today my friend Janet left from staying over the week-end.
I miss her already. There isn't much to do in this boring
little town, but when we are out shopping or playing pool,
time goes by faster.

We worked the same shift at Sonic. I hate working there
more and more. The operations manager (Frank) quit, and now
things will be hell. He made the job fun, and I actually
looked forward to work on the days he'd be there, but now
it's like EGH! Anyway, I heard our store manager talking on
the phone with him and he might come back. I hope because I
can't handle people yelling at me and all that bull.

Janet was seeing Bradd, and I kinda told him something that
I shouldn't have, and now he's mad at her and made her
clean bathrooms at work. I mean he is treating her like a
piece of dirt, and now I wish I would have never told him.
I don't even know why I did, but for a split moment, I
actually thought that I liked him. (What a Laugh) Anyway,
Janet didn't care about him anyway, she just didn't want to
turn him down. She liked Bucky, and I really wanted things
to work out for them, but he let the age difference get in
the way. I think that deep down, he likes her.

I really, really like Dave with everything in me. I mean so
what if he is in Va, and I am here. It's not all that far,
and as soon as I pass my driveres, I could see him often. I
dunno why I am even looking for a guy here. I guess I just
don't want to have to spend Friday's and Saturday's at
home. (Or at Sonic making drinks for people on dates.) In
my heart I know that I want to be with Dave, but the
situation surrounding it makes it seem impossible.

I hope Janet isn't mad at me for what I told Bradd. I mean,
her life is hard enough without having to come to work and
take bull from him. It's harder knowing that it is my fault
he knows what he knows.

Well, I am out of here for the night, and YES, I am still
looking for another job!