why me....
2001-04-23 01:28:47 (UTC)

Why me....

Dear Diray,
Hey what's up this is my first time writting and I MUST
say this is WEIRD... anyways... hey what's up.. nothing
here... I have no idea what I'm doing.. I just think that I
need a place to write down all my thoughts.. ok where oh
were do I start?? well I guess lets just start with whats
been going on lately.. okies... well even know that mike
PROMISED me he'd comeback and we'd go out he never came
back.. what am I supposed to feel.. happy my best firend in
the whole world doesn't even say hi to me when he's back or
let me know he's even back...what am I supposed to feel??
well that's that... please just answer me one question..
why can't I be pretty and get a prom date? why can't I
be popular and have friends.... why can't I be smart and
get the good grades my parents want me too.. why can't I
please EVERYONE starting with myself?? why can't I be
happy...why cant I have a boyfriend someone to hold me and
love me.. while I get stuck listening to other peoples
stories about their boyfriends.....It gets tiring after a
while... why can't I just be left alone... why dont' people
care what I have to say.. why don't people (when I say
something serious) they actualy believe me..? why.. I think
these are the questions that everyone has... but this is my
version of them.. ya know what I think I feel a little
better thanks..

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