Random Ramblings Of A Teenager
2002-02-01 00:34:53 (UTC)

January 31, 2001: Oh my god I'm back again(with unpleasant news)

Well, some umm....let's just say interesting stuff has
happened since I last updated. Note: as always please bare
the sudden changes in topic, rambling, and confusion. After
all I'm a teenage girl..

I most pleasant event would be my birthday on the 19th. I
got "The Hobbit", the complete "Lord Of The Rings" set, the
new Mandy Moore cd, and some clothes. I know the whole
J.R.R.Tolken thing is a little geeky but whatever.

On the 28 (Monday) was Joey Fatone's birthday and today is
Justin Timberlake's!!!! I totally love *Nsync so.....
much!!! I baked a cake and everything. heehee

Homecoming is next week and I don't have a date. I'm really
bumed because I thought that Kyle was going to ask me out
and he didn't. When I told Erin this she said that he told
her that he was bi!!!! OMG!!!! I don't know if I should
believe her or not because she might just be saying that to
get me to stop liking him. But that would explain why he
has such good fashion sense.

Why I'm on the topic of guys... For the past week and a
half Aaron keeps looking at me during History(he sits one
row across of me). I'd kinda glance though my hair so he
couldn't see me looking and he'd be staring at me. After
after class we were talking and he was asking about weather
I was going to homecoming or not.

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