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2001-04-23 00:22:12 (UTC)

why my wife doesn't love me

It's been 2 months with as much as a peck. I've quit
the drugs, the staying up late, I've become the coach of my
sons baseball team, even starting doing more around the
house. I guess she's depressed again. Same as last year.
The big subject and the reason I started writting this
thing in the first place was to tell everyone about our
sexual experiences with my friends and other couples and
how I hoped it would draw her out of her depression. I
guess I need to get her gangbanged. It will take some
doing seeing I probably need to get her drunk first;
however, I don't think that will be a problem. I'm sorry I
can't go into more detail but she's sitting 2 feet away and
I'm afraid she'll look over and see what I'm writting. I
haven't smoke pot in 2 and a half months. It's not that I
miss it, But I have noticed the less creative me showing
through alot more often. I'm walking around in a kind of
funk not really sure which dirrection I should be going
both personally and professionally. I have a job interview
on weds. which is half the reason I'm stayin clean. If I
get the job it will mean 20 bucks an hour, benefits and
I'll be able to quit my other two jobs. It may have
professional carreer writtin all over it.
Who knows, I do know that after my piss test I'm
getting WASTED. Oh, if there's any recovering people, you
know, twelve stepers reading this please take a chill
pill. I've walked the clean and sober road for 5 and a
half years and found it leaving me empty and a total people
pleaser, selling myself for whatever the group wanted to
hear. That and the speaches, or sharing drove me nuts.
Everyone had to be the worse addict. I got so sick and
tired of hearing, "I sucked dick for weed!" from some 112
pound 30 year old that thinks a movie should be written
about his poor pathetic life. I got news for you,
everybodies life sucks, even those fuckers with all the
money. There's no pearls of wisdom to get us through and
if you haven't figured it out yet, Jesus isn't coming back,
so put your head down and charge through life knowing
everyones a FUCKER and will fuck you at worst time of your
life. Which for some, like myself is every fuckin day. My
suggestion, or daily affirmation, "Smoke a big joint and
sit back and listen, and I mean really listen to 'Bill
Hicks, Rant in E-Minnor' for the truth will set you free
and people suck, even the ones you love.
Oh, women who believe men are from venus women from
mars let me share a little insight, if you want to keep and
man and make him happy, BLOW HIM at least 3 times and week
and tell him you like the taste of his cum, and fuckin mean
it. You don't have to go to fuckin mars to learn that,
just do it, and then lite up a big fuckin joint and you'll
be living happily ever after. But don't, I repeat don't
drink with a man, we only get violent when we drink, POT is
the answer. Thanks for listening to me rant.


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