Mysterious Attitude
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2001-04-23 00:05:42 (UTC)

Sunday April 22, 2001


Well... guess what... Krystal is pregnant.... she called me
after she took the test and she was like nah I'm not.. then
a few hours later she called and said I was lookin at the
test.. and I am... So I guess she is really scared now.. I
dunno... but before she came over here me and my mom got
into a big fight... She was sayin that all people want from
here is money.. and she yelling at me cuz I told Krystal
that my mom would let her get the 12 dollarz... but hell I
asked her before I said yes.. Me and her were yellin while
I was on the phone with Chuck... I started crying and he
was trying to get me to calm down.... he was like "don't
worry bout it.. don't let her get to her.. and get yourself
all depressed..." He finally got me to laugh and stuff... I
mean he isn't all that bad of a guy.. all he needs to do
tho is cool his horomones... but anyway.. after a lil
while.. I started to get a lil horny so me and him had
phone sex yet again... Then me and him talked a lil more..
and we hung up... Then I jusmped online.. read some of my
mail and talked to Kelly. My mom yelled at me to get off
the computer at 12 sumthing so I got off.. and started to
read this book called... I think "The Wonderful Life Of
Henry Sugar" I read like 2 storis out of it,,,Then I went
to bed at like.. I dunno 3:30 am?¿ (like my new trick?¿
hehe upside down question marks) And ohh yeah last night...
Bobby got online and was like hey gurl.. I saw u and your
uncle outside... and then he got kicked and didn't sign
back on... lol what an jerk huh?


Well today I got up at 1:30.. and all I have really done up
till now is relax, listen to music, chat online, and watch
tv... fun huh? So thats bout all.. So I'm goin to go now...
bye bye...


I'm like soooo happy now!!! I saw Nick's name on my buddylist.. So I
Imed him to see if he would talk to me or if he was still mad.. and
he actually talked to me!!!! Yay yay!!! I think he may be mad
still... cuz he was like.. Damn U Just Don't Give Up Do U.. I Guess I
Have To Talk To U... lol but hey.. at least he is talkin to me a lil
right? But he said brb and got kicked or sumething but ohh well.. at
least he talked to me a lil.. I'm still happy either way... and it
seems like Chuck is mad at me cuz I was like yay yay Nick is talkin
to me.. cuz he like called him gangbang trash and all this.. I don't
care tho.. I really do think I love Nick.. at least in some way...
Today is statin to be a somewhat really good day!!!

8:10 pm

Yeah Chuck is mad and jealous... cuz u see.. my sister paged me so I
was like well I'm going to go.. I'm going to call my sis back.. and
what does he do? He paged me and said " It wasn't your sister who
paged u it was one of your lil boyz.. I know your tricks already"...
He is acting like a baby... and I told him that I was going to call
Louie cuz I haven't talked to him 4 like 2 weeks.. and he was like
see I knew. I was like U knew what? He didn't page me.. I just wanna
call him.. So I did but he wasnt home :( So I'll call him at like 9-
10 and hope he is home... Damn I'm writing a lot today aint I? I
guess thats a good thing tho.. well bye bye