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This Is Me
2002-01-31 21:44:46 (UTC)

Feeling S A D ;(no one understands ME!

Dear Diary,
Wow, i really haven't written in here at all...i'm
gonna try to write more often. Today sucks! I'm in the
worst mood.. i have a headache and it's driving me insane,
i'm also pretty upset.
You see... i'm turning 16 in 13 days and i decided
that i didn't want to have a big party, instead i was gonna
have a really small sleepover with my close friends. I was
pretty excited and i was pretty sure that everyone was
going to be able to make it! Well i started planing
everything, i wanted to rent a movie, get music and stuff
that we could listen to and dance a whatnot.
I know this is off the subject but I have 3 best
friends... Kristen, Aliy and Nicole. I've know Kristen and
Aliy since Pre-K and I've known Nicole for about a year and
a half. Kristen goes to QP and I go to IHA. Aliy and
Nicole also go to IHA with me, well I invited Kristen,
Aliy, Nicole, Kristine, Melissa (my friends - know since
Pre-K), my sister Jen and her best friend Gabby.
I handed out the invitations and instantaeously I got
rejected.... ;( Nicole told me that she had another party
to go to, so she's going to that party instead, i wanted
her to sleepover after the other party but i don't think
she wants to.. well then Aliy told me she couldn't come
because she had a confirmation the next day... and that she
was really busy and need to go to see her grandma the day
of my party. Melissa and Kristine haven't said one thing
about it yet, so who knows if they're coming or not. I know
that Kristen is coming, she wouldn't leave me hanging, and
neither would Jen... well because she's my sister, and i'm
pretty sure that Gabby is comin.
I feel really bad because this is the thrid time I've
invited Aliy and Nicole to sleepover and this is the third
time they haven't slept over! I'm not gonna tell them that
i'm pissed but i am. I know it's not their fault, but if I
was in their position I would go out of my way to make it
to their 16th birthday. They seem to think that it's no
big deal but to me it is. I don't think anyone understands
me, man!!! i'm gonna go listen to some music and take a nap
cuz i'm really upset and that usually works!