my so called life
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2002-01-31 21:38:53 (UTC)

The vow

Vow in the deepest snow from me to you :

I promise you that I will not think of anything but you.
Think about everything I know about you. Think about you at
home and at school, and on my way to school. Think about
you all day, and if I wake up at night.

Vow at night :

It seems you're so close I could touch you, but I dare not.
It seems you're watching me as I'm lying here in the dark.
I remember everything and I promise you that I will only
think about that, tomorrow at school.
There's no one else.
As long as you're gone, it will be like this every day.

Solemn vow a winter morning :

It seems you're standing in the hall waiting for me when
I'm on my way out. What are you thinking?
I promise you that it won't happen again, what happened
yesterday. It meant nothing! There's still no one but you.
No one, no one else.
You must take my word for it.

Renewing of the vow from me to you :

There's no one else. As long as you're gone, I will never
forget what I have promised.

This is from a book I'm reading. I had to translate it, so
it's not perfect. It's a vow from a child to another. A
child that is just learning what love is and what loss is.
I think it's beautiful. I had to share it with you.

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