Evil Elvis
2002-01-31 21:30:47 (UTC)

Feeling Oblivion......

I feel as if I'm standing at the edge of a cliff, looking
over with one foot raised.....

I dunno what's going on at the moment, I feel as if I've
reached the end of a period in my life, and I have no idea
where I go from here.

Work is kinda weird at the moment, my boss has gone to have
her kid and it's kind of weird being there without her. I
would even go so far as to say I miss her....she's been
there since I started, I've never not had her to rely on
for stuff and now suddenly I'm he senior member of staff in
the office (SCARY!!!)My new boss now refers everything to
me, and the responsibility is pretty frightening...

As you can probably tell, the love-life sketch took a total
nose-dive. I dunno exactly what the story is, I think
there's an ex back on the scene or summat, but I don't
wanna pry, cos now it's really non of mine :( We're still
friends and stuff so that's good, but it was kinda sticky

If anything positive can be taken from it, I guess it's the
fact that I know I am capable of still caring...for a long
time I didn't give a fuck about anything or anyone and it's
nice to know that I can still fall in love....much as it
hurts (had forgotten about that part...)

I'm considering things, big plans, things that scare me yet
totally excite me. Don't know it's viable yet, but I'll let
you know! (whoever you may be?!?! Am I talking to myself
here?!?! Suppose that's kinda the point really....)