Procrastination is Key
2002-01-31 21:07:37 (UTC)

so it begins

tonight is the first night of dreaded lab- labs stress me
out!- at least I am done with the work that is due for
tonight- and its even 2 hours early! Although, we will be
having one of the weekly quizzes tonight- so I guess I
should really look at it some more. Lab is from 6-9 which
is no fun- but not as bad as my freshman chem 11 lab- it
was 6-10!! ridiculus. Anyway- just talked to my boy- only
for like 3 min- but it put me in a good mood anyway- and i
know that he is gonna love to know that:-p After lab is a
possible painful experience- Dook v UNC- I love my bball
boys, but they just aren't getting it done this year, I
just hope it won't be too bad. And let me just take this
opportunity to say that eventhough this year has been sad
to see(bball wise) I am not worried b/c UNC is a tradition-
in bball as well as just in general- its an awesome place
and dominance is not measured by merely one year.
My next topic is another of worry- I have 2 tests and a
quiz next week, and I don't know if I will be prepared for
them- I am gonna try my best, but its not going to be fun:(
Maybe i'll even take the rest of my time til dinner to read
some for chem 41- off i go- i have already taken a nap so
it BETTER not put me to sleep!!