Forgotten Misery
2002-01-31 20:50:08 (UTC)

Como Estas?

How is everyone on this nice lovley rainy day? My car is
now insured so I can drive it hella yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Radomly gets thought in head about the donkey from shrek
jumping up and down going oh pick me pick me lol cept Im
thinkin a different phrase!! O date me date me lol I have
no clue y this randomly popped into my head im andrea and
there is no explaination for the things my mind comes up
with as I sit and stare off into space. Brain goes into
space again to only now pick the muffin man scene. The
Muffin Man? LoL Eat me ::Spit:: thats so great anyways
looks like tomorrow is a girls night out im heading out to
the mall with sara, jill, and a bunch of others lol she
needs jewerely for homecoming and I will buy stuff for the
ball. I think we are all gonna spend the night at her
house and wacth dumb movies so once more we have things to
quote at the lunchtable. Hey u know what is really scary
come on guess I just cant tell u like this comeone what
could be a scary thing about andrea? think think think
come on people use that brain for once and one and 2 do
some brain exercises................................
ok ok I will tell u but I know u wont believe this cause u
have never seen this or known this to be true about me and
if u do well u know me too well u stalker lol anywho yeah
the andrea is really really really quiete now. Yes loud
mouth andrea the girl who never shuts up is quiete so u
guys now officially freaked out ?????????????????????
K one more scary fact for the day I think im gonna make a
scary fact of the day everyday it will be the SFOTD lol
yeah andrea is not I repeat is not dating anyone at her new
school and plans to keep it that way!!!!!!!!!!!
Love u all more to come later.

Hugs and Kisses,