O_o HuH?
2002-01-31 20:09:14 (UTC)

There be snow on the hills...

It snowed here two days in a row this week. Not much snow
to really count, but it was a flurry nonetheless. I've
always found snow to be somewhat makes the
perfect image. A couple in each others' arms, wind calmly
blowing through their hair, the snowflakes blowing past and
collecting on's just a perfect picture. Ok,
enough fantasizing for me.
Dir en Grey released their new album "Kisou" yesterday, and
I must say, the band has done it again. They've amazed me.
I had heard a rumor that their new album would be a change
from their usual music...normally, you get a hard rock feel
with a gothic tone to it...but this album really is
different. It's more melodic, almost relaxing...aside from
a few tracks suck as Filth (a personal favorite)and 24
Cylinder. Anyway, I'm finishing up downloading the cd right
now...a few more tracks...
On a side note, L'Arc en Ciel is to be touring the US soon.
So far, they've been reluctant to release any dates, but
rumors are going around like usual...supposedly, within a
few months, they will start their overseas tour, and
eventually head over in our direction...I can't wait...I've
been wanting to go to a J-Pop/J-Rock tour for soooo long,
and it's only a matter of time. This year's Anime Expo is
currently being prepared...the big day arrives on July 4th through
the 7th, I believe. Last year, they featured musical guest Tetsu 69,
from L'Arc en Ciel...which I was planning on going to see,
but I forgot to pick up my tickets...phooey! They haven't
said anything about the guest this year, but whoever it is,
I'll be happy... Fun stuff!! They're gonna have a console gaming
tournament...DC, PS2, and some other platform...hehehe...too bad
there's no PC. They're also gonna have a jpop/jrock karaoke... I know
I could do it, but it would just be too embarrassing. Any Janne Da
Arc, Malice Mizer, Laruku, or Gackt songs...considering I know at
least 3/4 the lyrics for every one of their songs...that's kinda
embarrassing all in itself. And NO Lacey, I know you'll be reading can't convince me to do it!!...well, maybe you can
^_^ ...but probably not. hehe..kimi wo aishiteru! Valentine's Day is
coming up soon...and I'm still not sure what to do. I'd like to make
it extra special, but it's gonna take a bit of thinking and planning..
but I can promise it'll be nice.